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 [GUIDE] All Characters

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] All Characters   [GUIDE] All Characters EmptyTue Aug 12, 2008 6:54 pm

P.S. This guide was NOT done my me! All credits go to Jayare!



we all know assassins is the char with the most speed, due to being
able to add up to 317 dex. Assassins has three basic skills. Stealth
which makes them invisible, Backstab is their damage skill, 5x stronger
during Stealth. Dual Wield gives you more swings, and at 4.0 - 4.6 you
have 6x swings. Assassins are strong if they get the chance to backstab
someone but if they get netted by a melee char then it is very hard to
stay alive. They get 2 dex and 1 str for each level.


4.6 Backstab
4.6 Stealth
As high critical hit as possible
2.0 Bind
2.0 MC


160 str
70 int
Rest dex


is the ranged char of the Human race. They are great in battle due to
the range attack, so they can at the same time do damage and stay out
of danger. Archers has 3 basic skills. Camouflage which makes them
invisible and Careful Aiming which is their damage skill. In exchange
of being able to aim their target they have to cast the skill. This as
the assassins backstab skill is 5x stronger in Camouflage. The third
skill is Dark Perlier which is a damage skill, both as strong in
Camouflage and without it. Dark Perlier comes with a passive skill that
makes the Archers shoot with better damage. Archers get 2/1 dex and 2/1
str per lvl


4.6 Careful Aiming
4.6 Dark Perlier
4.6 Camouflage
2.0 Bind
2.0 MC


204 dex
70 int
Rest str


is the Damage Dealer class of all the Human race. They can choose
between middle damage and middle hp, high damage and low hp or high hp
and low damage. Warriors can use their skill net to make their stuck to
the ground, which leads to the warriors using their skill on them. The
warrior has 1 damage skill. Hack and Slash Which is the strongest Melee
skill in the whole game. They can also use FB which is around half as
strong. Warriors get 2 STR and 1 CON per lvl.


4.6 Hack and Slash
4.6 FB (Pummel)
4.6 Critical hit
4.6 Sword Mastery


250 str
70 int
rest dex


is the Tanking class of the Human race. They often go with high HP and
low Damage, mostly because they are built to tank. They can either use
a 2h axe which gives them 9+ damage, or go with a sword/axe and a
shield. Shields are used to give the Defender higher % to block and
more hp. The have two basic skills. Bloody Moon, which is an AoE skill
(Area Of Effect) which means it hurts anything that's around itself,
but with a limited range ofcourse. They also have Shared Torment, but
in my opinion it sucks because it does no damage really since it's
magic based and it's easy to get high Magic Resistance on this server.


4.2 Bloody Moon
4.2 FB (Pummel)
4.2 Critical Hit
4.2 or 4.6 Sword Mastery


180 con
210 str or 220
rest dex


is the magic char of the Human race. Also probably the most weakest
char in this kind of server (hardcap). They have 4 damage skills.
Icebolt, Fireball, Lightning and Azrael's Groan. Icebolt, Fireball and
Lightning skills, are all casting skills. The Fireball skill does more
damage then IceBolt and Lightning because it has no side-effect.
Lightning and Icebolt on the other hand does have side-effects. The
IceBolt skill makes you much slower, while the Lightning skill stuns
you meaning you can't do nothing at all for a period of time. Sorcerers
get 2 INT and 1 DEX per level.


4.6 Fireball
4.6 Icebolt
4.6 Lightning
4.6 Azrael's Groan
4.0 or 4.6 Mana Cell


250 int
Rest DEX


is the buffer and the weakener of the Human race. The Enchanter is
built to make the enemy weaker and the enchanters fellow KR's stronger.
The enchanter doesn't have any skill that does some real damage. They
have Enchant Weapon that makes them and their friends stronger. They
also have Weaken which is a casting skill. The Weaken skill makes the
enemies defense and damage lower, it also makes chars like Shadow Ofc.
and Gunners unable to go into Stealth/Camouflage. The Enchanter get 2/1
DEX and 2/1 INT per level.


4.0 or 4.6 weaken
3.0 Entangle..
(I'm not so good with Enchanters so ask someone else for the skills Razz)

INT 160 DEX 190 WIS: Healing, buffing, weakening, stunning, halting,
dispelling. This build is the ultimate support class. Fast enough to
outrun most enemies, and has enough skills to save itself in almost all
other situations.

Skill bases:
4.0 crush
4.0 first aid
4.0 weaken
4.0 weapon enchant
3.2-4 magic cell (2 extra blocks than 3.0)
3.4 halt
4.0 seal
0.5 bless

Nice build cause of its 39k heal
(Credits to SilentGorman)


is the Defense buffer of the Human race. They are built to make their
Fellow KR's stronger but with Defense. They also help by stunning
enemies so they can't harm others during PvP. They have Bless Armor
which is a cast skill and makes your def much higher. They have Dazzle
which is a skill that stuns everythings that's around them (AoE).
Priests get 2/1 CON and 2/1 WIS


4.6 Bless Armor
4.6 POC or POL
4.0 Pummel
4.0 or 4.6 Blazing Gavel (For stunning)

I'm not so good with Priests so I don't know a good build but I'm sure there's one around Wink


is the healing class of the Human race. They have skills that heals.
They also have a skill that comes with 2 skills, one being a skill that
heals a fellow KR and damages you, and one being a skill that damage
your enemies. Clerics also has Dazzle that stuns. Clerics are very
important during PvP since they heal people in need. Clerics get 2 WIS
and 1 CON per level.


4.0 Heal
4.0 Pummel
4.0 or 4.6 Blazing Gavel (for stunning)


190 STR
Rest DEX



is the Range char of the Ak'kan race. But they don't have a 2nd skill
like the Archer. On the other hand they get more damage from DEX and
they shoot faster with Gunslinger. The Gunner has 3 skills. Camouflage
which makes you invisible, Gun Bomb which is a casting skill and does
5x the damage and Gunslinger which is their shooting skill, it has a
very fast cooldown at 4.0 - 4.6 level. Gunners get 2/1 DEX and 2/1 CON
per level.


4.6 Gun Bomb
4.6 Camouflage
4.6 Gunslinger
4.0 or 4.6 Flexibility
2.0 Bind (Thank you for reminding me dark Razz)


70 int
Rest DEX


is the Damage Dealer of the Ak'kan race, but comparing to the Warrior
Attackers has alot of advantages. One being their skill having AoE,
another one is that one of their strong damaging skills recovers their
hp. The skill with AoE is called Death's Outburst. The skill that
recovers their HP is called Power Drain, it's aimable so you can only
hit 1 person with this skill. Attackers get 2 STR and 1 CON per level.


4.6 Power Drain
4.6 Death's Outburst
4.6 Pummel


250 str
70 int
Rest DEX


is the tanking char of the Ak'kan race. Besides from the Defender they
use a Guard arm, built only for Templars. The templar doesn't have a
AoE skill like the Defender, but they have a skill that is stronger.
That skill is called Nimble Strike. The Nimble Strike skill has 4
"Nimbles". The Nimbles gets weaker as you do more. It also has a longer
cooldown if you do all the 4 nimbles, compared to doing 1 - 2. The
Templar also has a skill called Thick Skin. It boosts up the Templars
def, and is AoE. It is also aimable so you can buff your friend from a
small distance if wanted. The Templar has 2 more skills. One being
Protecting Skill, which boosts up the Templars Block. This skill
besides from Thick skin is NOT aimable and you can not buff your
friends. The last skill is Strength Recover, this skill takes your MP
and Gives you more HP. It is not so strong and I suggest not to learn
it in this server.


4.0 Nimble Strike
4.3 FB (Pummel)
4.6 Thick Skin


220 STR
Rest DEX

Rune Ofc.:

Ofc. is the magic char of the Ak'kan race. They like the Sorcerer has 4
skills. One being Gaia's Root, which is mostly used to stop their
enemy, it does damage but not much. The 2nd skill is called Electrick
Attack (I think) which has no side-effect but does more damage. The 3rd
skill is Poison skill which does damage and at the same time poison the
enemie, it does some damage every second but it's also good to stop
Archers and Assassins to go into Camouflage/Stealth. The 4th skill is
an Instance skill, called Damaging Storm .Rune Ofc. gets 2 INT and 1
DEX per level


4.6 Gaia's Root
4.6 Electrick Attack
4.6 Poison skill
4.6 Damaging Storm


250 int
Rest DEX
250 int
140 WIS
Rest DEX

Life Ofc.:

Life Ofc. is the healing class of the Ak'Kan race. Life Ofc. like
Clerics have a stunning skill but the Life Ofc's. stunning skill is
aimable and AoE and does a bit of damage. The rest skills is the same
as the Clerics. Life Ofc. gets 2 WIS and 1 DEX per level.


4.0 Pummel
4.0 Heal
4.0 or 4.6 Confuse


Now for skills i have selected:
4.6 Heal ( heals for 30K when charged all the way)
4.6 Skin graft ( heals others for 14k)
4.6 Vital Aura (love the HP and MP rec i get from this
4.6 Confuse. (you need to get this to 4.6 no matter your build. it can chain stun when @ 4.6)
1.0 encurage ( adds 150 def give or take some)
1.3 flex. (gives 2 evades)
3.3 Forcefull Blow ( like i said before good stun/cooldown time)
and last is 0.1 bind ( every class in the game has this Laughing )
(credits to AKH3AL)


190 STR
200 WIS
Rest DEX


250 wiz ( for 4.6 heals this is a must for pvp makes healing )
121 dex
160 Str (for 3.3 FB it has a cool down of 6 sec and a stun of Cool

Shadow Ofc.:

Shadow Ofc. is the assassin of the Ak'Kan race. The Shadow on the other
hand can wear a Blade aswell, so they can Backstab and use FB without
changing weapon. On the other hand they only boom with their arm, and
swings with their blade/claw.


4.2 Pummel
4.6 Backstab
4.6 Stealth
2.0 Bind


70 INT
210 STR
Rest DEX

[IMPORTANT] Here is the thread to discuss those guides. if u have better options post them here!
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[GUIDE] All Characters
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